Our modular range of tunnels are 960mm in length, and can be joined together to create a basic or elaborate tunnel system. Our tunnels are very sturdy, come completely enclosed in new and upgraded Stainless Steel Reinforced 19mm netting, and have a specifically designed hard wearing floor for comfortable movement.

The strength and integrity of the tunnels makes either a floor or aerial tunnel a possibility.

The tunnels, although practical, also end up being one of the most fun places for your cat(s) to enjoy their outdoor time. They will just love running up and down the tunnel.


  • Sturdy powdercoated steel frame
  • Super Strong steel corner connectors, with allen key tightening (allen key included)
  • Supplied with new and upgraded Stainless Steel Reinforced 19mm low-vis netting. Enough to cover all sides and even the ends (should you wish to enclose one end to make a corner turn etc)
  • Includes a specifically designed super durable polyester flooring, attached with Stainless Steel Eyelets. This floor is super strong, making aerial tunnels a viable option.
  • Includes all attachment ties for attaching to freestanding enclosures and also for creating longer length tunnels.
  • Length 960mm
  • Height: 360mm
  • Width: 360mm
  • Weight: 7kg

Add Tunnels to increase the length:

You can add multiple tunnels together to create a 2m, 3m or 10m length.  As the tunnels come with additional netting and attachment ties, you are also able to create elaborate designs that turn corners.